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Wil Lanigan not who he said he is

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Vicar   in reply to Dr.Wil
Wilbur, you are a fraud and if anyone is giving you funds for the veterans then they are pouring sand in a rat hole.
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Kandykane666   in reply to Dr.Wil
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Dr.Wil   in reply to blah1239
When was he arrested and what where the charges?
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Dr.Wil   in reply to wb52
First of all there is nothing to investigate people need to know and do their homework before they make accusations people try to make something it is not valid.
All these people know is how to run their mouth. They can't even do that right. We help veterans get back on there feet by helping them get into housing, food, clothing, and helping them through biblical counseling. We are currently helping West Virginia flood victims. We have received recognition from the DAV NationalCommander for the work that we are doing with our veterans and their families throughout the state of West Virginia Ohio Kentucky and North Carolina. If some of you have a problem with this then you've got the problem notice that FEMA and the American Red Cross has spread yourself so thin that they're not able to help only but a few. We are here to get the job done not to pacify ignorant people. the folks in all 44 counties in West Virginia are pitching in to help one another to overcome their situation. one has to ask what are you doing to help your fellow West is time to roll up your sleeves and to show how much you care about the hurting families throughout West Virginia. stop running your mouth and pitching in to help God's blessings
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I have my doctorate degree in biblical studies and biblical counselingI worked with this so-called lady 4/3 monthssome people know how to abuse the system I tried help with rent help with utilities for 3 months and no effort was made on their part or her part to do anything for the betterment of her and her child which is or was 16 years of age one can only do so much after that they need to get further assistance churches in the entire area refused to help her and her child because that is so much how She abused the system and those that were trying to help her I washed my hands of the situation and have nothing further to do with them they are Pros using the system. We are Veterans Helping Veterans and Families. Based out of Hunting, WV.
Dr. Will Lanigan PH.D. biblical studies...
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littlelacie   in reply to Cmbvet
Vicar has not been on this site since 2010.
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Cmbvet   in reply to Vicar
Vicar, are u still on this site? I have some question on this guy.
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blah1239   in reply to wb52
He just got arrested again.
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I am sorry that you were dooped by this man. He is not who he says that he is. He is not a DR. he does not have a Ph. D he is just a con man. He used to be from Quincy, KY. I tried to minister with him there but the Lord showed me that he was not who he said that he was. I started to check him out and found that the University that he claimed to teach at said he was a only a student for one semester as a freshman. They said that he has no degrees. He is originally from Weirton, West Virginia. His real name is Clarence Wilbur Lanigan. He did live in Huntington, W.V. about six months ago and if he left you from St. Petersburg then he more than likely returned to Huntington and not OH. he does not know anyone here that I know of. He often tells people that he was a missionary in Nicaragua for six years with his wife who is now deceased, however he is lying he was in Pruntytown Correctional Center during those six years with his fiance. He has a son named Mark Lanigan who from what I can tell does not have anything to do with him. Will travels around pulling cons from area to the next. If anyone comes into contact with him be very careful. Itried to get the state psychology board to investigate him but they said they had to have someone who he had treated to file charges against him. So if anyone knows of anyone that he has claimed to be a doctor and has been treated by him contact the psychology board in that state and turn him in.

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Good Luck.  I used to be related to this guy.  He conned my mother and many people in my home town into giving him money.  He was actually in prison in WV for almost 10 years for fraud and was released a few years ago.

I can almost guarantee the guy does NOT have a Ph.D in anything.  The problem is none of the law enforcement wants to take the time to investigate him. 



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